A five door hatchback with side musculature containing practical styling details (such as the aerodynamic spoiler). A determined, elegant front end, set off to perfection by large headlights with LED DRLs. Present also at the rear, LED headlights emphasise the look of the light clusters built into the tail end. The personality-packed profile also suggests the model’s agility and substance, particularly due to its side windows reminiscent of a coupé.

    Inside the Giulietta, the overriding concept is that of lightness: taut lines and a dashboard that extends sideways. The passenger compartment, the superlative example of Italian style, consists of wraparound seats located in a mainly monochromatic environment stylishly enhanced by precious gleams of light. ALFA TCT (Twin Clutch Transmission) is a 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox with two clutches from Alfa Romeo. Available on MiTo and Giulietta, its sophisticated technology ensures continuous torque delivery and traction without loss of power while shifting.

    From the technical point of view, the device consists of two gearboxes in parallel, each with its own clutch, which allows the selection and engagement of the next gear while the previous one is still engaged. Shifting is simply obtained by gradually switching the corresponding clutches, guaranteeing continuous torque delivery and therefore traction. ALFA TCT is always combined with the Start&Stop system. This technology allows a further decrease in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


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    Suzuki Helderberg