Among the devices making for enhanced onboard wellbeing we should also mention the self-levelling rear suspension, ensuring great comfort and stability in any loading condition. During loading/unloading operations, they make it possible to lower the rear loading threshold by another 7cm. More power, better performance and lower fuel consumption. It seems a contradiction, but it is simply the technology offered by the engines on the Fiat Ducato – one new 16-valve Multijet Common Rail engine, with electronic high pressure injection. Power output of the 2.3 unit is 88 kW @ 3600 rpm. The torque values give an even better idea of the performance of the new engines. The 2.3 Power engine boasts a peak torque of 320 Nm @ 2000 rpm. In terms of performance this means that the engine is extraordinarily elastic and responds instantly to the need for power, combined with extremely quiet running to offer tremendous driving pleasure.

    The Ducato boasts a long tradition of low fuel consumption, which has been further improved in the new Ducato, thanks to the use of advanced technologies, after thousands of hours of testing and millions of kilometres of road trials in all conditions of use. Mechanical and technological innovations mean that intervals between services are now even longer at 45 000 km with an oil change needed every 22 500 km.


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    Suzuki Helderberg